BMW 3 Series Maintenance Schedule

BMW 3 Series in WhiteThe BMW 3 Series is a sports sedan that provides thrills on the roads of Jackson and Clinton, Mississippi. When you’re driving around towns like Ridgeland and Madison, MS, you’ll be able to enjoy its luxury, performance, and head-turning design.

Keeping up with service is key to continue basking in this engineering marvel. The team at BMW of Jackson has prepared a spotlight on the BMW 3 Series maintenance schedule to help you make the most of every mile.

BMW Service Notifications

A BMW 3 Series keeps you in the loop while you drive. When your vehicle reaches a drive-ready state, the instrument cluster lets you know the time and distance you can travel before its next scheduled appointment.

The control panel displays information like vehicle status. Your 3 Series will offer three symbols that let you know when it’s time to contact a factory-certified technician.

BMW Service Display


What It Means

The letters “OK”

No service is currently required

A hollow triangle

You may need to schedule recommended service

An exclamation point

Your BMW 3 Series service interval has been exceeded

Keeping an eye on the BMW 3 Series display lets you know when you may need to bring it in for service. What are some appointments you’ll  need to consider?

BMW 3 Series Maintenance Schedule

Brakes being Tended toRegular inspections and check-ups can help you stay ahead of service issues. Your BMW Maintenance System display lets you know when you should schedule service for such items as:

  • Engine oil
  • Brake pads
  • Brake fluid
  • Vehicle check

What are some other things you need to know about BMW 3 Series service? BMW M models should head in for service after 1,200 miles. Factory-certified technicians can help you start off your BMW experience on the right foot.

You can also check the iDrive control display to learn about what’s next. Drivers can access service recommendations by:

  • Opening the Start menu
  • Pressing the control to open the i-menu
  • Selecting “Vehicle Info”

This screen answers questions like “When do I need to schedule my next fully synthetic motor oil change?” You’ll know when you need to book an appointment with a factory-certified technician who can help your engine purr.

Our Service Center

Servicing WorkThe service center at our BMW dealership has a team of factory-certified technicians. What does that mean for you?

They’re trained to help you keep up with your BMW service schedule. Factory-certified technicians have the experience to handle a BMW 3 Series and help you enjoy the sound of every engine revolution. You can ask a member of our service center team about appointments like:

  • Full synthetic motor oil changes
  • New brake pads
  • Annual inspections
  • Tire rotations
  • Transmission checks

We can also diagnose dashboard light alerts. If you receive an alert on your dashboard, let us know and we can perform a tune-up that gets your vehicle safely back on the roads of Mississippi.

Contact Our BMW Service Center

Our team of factory-certified technicians assists drivers around Jackson, Clinton, Ridgeland, and Madison, MI. You can trust them to provide quality service when you’re keeping up with your BMW 3 Series maintenance schedule.

Contact our BMW service center team at BMW of Jackson. We’ll walk you through your journey in this high-performance BMW sedan.