BMW Lease near Clinton MS

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Have you been looking to move on from your current vehicle? Why not try a BMW lease near Clinton, Mississippi? Our team at BMW of Jackson wants to help make the search for your next vehicle as simple as possible. Below, we’ve provided insight into the leasing process as well as a look at our inventory.

Why Lease?

When you lease a car, you’re essentially agreeing to “borrow” it for an agreed amount of time, typically between three and four years. Think of it like a long-term rental. And just like a rental, once the lease term ends, you’ll return the vehicle to the dealer.

The biggest advantage of leasing a car is that when the time comes to return it, you’ll have a few options as to what to do next. If you’re ready to move on, you can simply return it and walk away. However, if you’ve enjoyed your time with the leased vehicle, you may also extend the agreement or even buy the car outright.

Another option, which is also a perk in itself, is that if you want to lease a newer or different model, you can! This is great for those driver who aren’t set on one particular model or those who like to stay up to date with the latest available features.

Other advantages also include typically lower monthly payments and the ability to eliminate having to sell your vehicle when it’s time to move on.

Our BMW Inventory

Whether you’re in the market for a sleek, sporty coupe or sedan, or a luxurious, versatile SUV, you’ll have plenty of options in our BMW inventory. For daily drives, take a look at the powerful and responsive BMW 2 Series, the elegant full-size 7 Series, or something in between, like the 3 Series or 4 Series.

If you’re feeling the call to adventure and want to bring along some friends, a BMW Sport Activity Vehicle® (SAV®) may be your best bet. Choose from the BMW X3 crossover, the midsize BMW X5, or the spacious and extravagant BMW X7.

If you need help narrowing down your choices, take advantage of our handy search tools. Sort by the criteria most important to you, like the year, model, or even a specific engine.

About Clinton MS

Clinton, Mississippi, is home and where you belong. Feel a sense of connection and camaraderie at local events like the Clinton Visitor Center Weekend Music Scene. You’ll be able to enjoy the sounds of local musicians from all genres in a beautiful 1800’s-style farmhouse.

You can also explore local vendors at the open-air Olde Towne Markets in the Olde Towne district of Clinton as well as other events like the Fresh at Five Farmers Market. Keep an eye out around town for bikes decorated by local artists, part of Clinton’s Bike Art Project.

With your BMW lease, you’ll be able to enjoy all Clinton has to offer!

Schedule a BMW Test Drive Today!

When it comes to finding a BMW lease near Clinton, MS, there are plenty of options to choose from. Why not take one out for a spin yourself? To do so, you can stop by BMW of Jackson or get in touch with our team to schedule a test drive!