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To get the most out of your BMW, you’ll need to schedule a BMW oil change near Jackson, MS, from time to time. After all, you want to enjoy the powerful performance of these fine luxury machines, right? An oil change goes a long way—protecting key engine components while providing prolific performance.The BMW of Jackson service team works efficiently, providing area BMW drivers with the smart, forward-thinking maintenance their vehicle requires.


Getting a Jackson MS Oil Change

Oil change Oil change

When it comes time for that oil change, your BMW’s service light will likely turn on, reminding you it’s time to schedule service. It is also possible that the engine oil light, which is shaped like an oil can, may turn on. If this light is on, it’s because the oil is running low. Be sure to add enough oil to the system. If the light remains on, it’s time for an oil change.

Smelling a burnt odor inside your BMW is a sure sign that it’s time to change the oil. If you notice this cabin odor, be sure to schedule an oil change as soon as possible.

Whether it’s your first trip in for an oil change, or your BMW has racked up 100,000 miles, we’re here to take care of your vehicle throughout its useful life.

Reasons to Change the Oil in Your Car

Oil changeStudies show that about 22% of cars on the road have low or dirty engine oil. That’s a significant number of cars out on the road that might not be providing drivers with the best possible performance. So, why do we change the oil in our cars?

There are many reasons to change the engine oil, the first of which is highly important. An oil change ensures that engine lubrication is maintained. There are several moving parts under the hood of your vehicle and these components help to create heat. They also wear down without lubrication. Fresh oil lubricates and aging oil doesn’t—it’s that simple.

Fresh oil also improves gas mileage. Old oil requires the engine to work harder, but fresh oil provides better fuel economy. Get the most out of your car by changing the oil as explained in your owner’s manual.

Schedule Your BMW Oil Change Online Today!

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The city of Jackson is a great place to own a BMW. After all, you have access to unique historical locations, James Beard-nominated chefs, and the open roads. An oil change at our BMW dealership ensures you’re able to enjoy adventures in Jackson as you traverse the roads in your luxury vehicle.

It only takes a few minutes to schedule an oil change on our website. We’ll be in touch to confirm the appointment. Do you have an urgent issue that needs to be investigated? Stop by our dealership today!

Bring Your BMW in for an Oil Change

Your BMW oil change near Jackson, Mississippi, is important. Changing the oil in your vehicle can provide the best possible fuel economy and performance. Schedule that oil change with BMW of Jackson today!