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Transmission Repair
near Madison MS

Here at BMW of Jackson, our entire team is dedicated to helping each customer provide their ride the care it requires. This includes making sure their vehicle’s transmission is up to par.

Is your car in need of transmission repair near Madison, MS? If so, continue reading to learn about how we can be of assistance. We’ll also review some of the ways you can tell when your vehicle’s transmission needs attention.

Transmission Repair near Madison MSWe Provide Comprehensive Automotive Expertise

Every time your BMW model pulls into one of our maintenance bays, it receives the personalized attention it deserves. The experts in our service center are certified, experienced, and highly skilled. Not only do they work hard to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible, but they also use advanced technologies and the latest methods to get the job done according to a high set of standards.

Signs It’s Time for Transmission Repair near Madison MS

Take a moment to examine the following symptoms of an ailing transmission to see if any of them resemble what you’re experiencing with your car.

  • Strange Sounds – Any time you hear unusual noises, it’s a good idea to have a professional take a look. If what you hear is coming from the transmission, it could be the result of there being too little fluid. If this is the case, what you hear might be the various components inside the transmission grinding against each other due to a lack in lubrication.
  • Burning Odor – If the transmission fluid gets low enough, it could cause the transmission to overheat. A burning odor might indicate the components are already starting this process when coming into contact with each other. Have things checked out immediately if you smell something burning.
  • Slow Shifting – Is it taking longer for the transmission to move from gear to gear? It could be there’s insufficient fluid for it to do its job properly. If this condition continues for too long, it could eventually stop working entirely.
  • Fluid Leak – It’s easy to determine if the issue with your transmission is the result of a leak. First of all, let’s get familiar with how to spot transmission fluid. If it’s healthy, it can have a hue that ranges from a clear red to a light brown. Fluid that will need to be flushed out and replaced as soon as possible might look dark brown or black. Simply keep an eye out for fresh puddles that match these descriptions in areas where your car has been parked recently.

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Are you currently experiencing an issue with your vehicle’s transmission? If so, then you’ll want to have it addressed promptly. The team here at BMW of Jackson can help with that right away! If you live or work near Madison, MS, contact us today.  

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